No Start-Up Fees

No Long-Term Contracts

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Referring a homeowner to Roelens Vacation Rentals is your ticket to an easier sell, a full pipeline of leads, and exclusive advertising.

Roelens Vacations offers full-service management in Sarasota, Venice, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, and Cape Coral. Through a quality standard, we have gained the trust of realtors, booking agents, and travelers looking for comfort, luxury, and quality. 

We are looking to build mutually beneficial partnerships with real estate agents like you. When you refer your client to our management program, you get generous incentives and convenient tools and your client gets incomparable service and results.

Why partner with Roelens Vacation Rentals:

Take advantage of realtor exclusivity for successful referrals.

Lean on custom projected revenue forecasts to assist prospective buyers in understanding the lucrative opportunity your listing offers.

Our resource library, regarding our program and projected revenue, can be a valuable tool in selling the property to its next owner.

Experience your greatest investment outcome

Our data-driven resource library is a high-powered tool in selling properties – and is entirely available at your leisure.

Realtor Exclusivity

If you refer a homeowner to Roelens, we will advertise your services exclusively in that rental property. We are a referral resource also, since we are a hospitality company not a real estate brokerage. Work with us and get more leads and exclusive advertising.

Free ROI calculations

Industry-leading analytics increase your client’s occupancy and rate of return. With our expert in-house revenue management, we can equip you with the information your client needs on their purchase journey.

Strategic marketing approach

Our proven marketing strategies maximize the earning potential of your client’s vacation rental home. By providing premium exposure, professional imagery,  and cutting-edge analytics, their home can generate thousands more in rental income.

Reach out to learn more about partnering with Roelens Vacation Rentals.


We prolong and protect the value of your client’s investment

A well-maintained property is a key to leveraging the power of positive reviews and maintaining the value of your client’s  home investment. Our attention to detail is key to rental readiness.

Expert Housekeeping Professionals

Each property is assigned cleaners and a dedicated property manager who will submit a cleaning report with photos to owners through our owner portal.

Meticulous Property Inspections

After each guest's stay, we conduct a 40-point inspection checklist that's managed through our property care app. Photos and notes are submitted through the app to our property manager who coordinates all property upkeep.

Guest Screenings

With Roelens, your client’s home is in good hands. For each reservation, we perform photo ID verification and each reservation must sign our 10-page, lawyer-approved rental agreement. We ensure only the most reputable guests are booking stays and our owners’ homes are well cared for.

Earn More On Your Home With the Roelens Vacations Family!

No Start-Up Fees

No Long-Term Contracts

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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